"With its emphasis on sensitive interplay, tasteful phrasing and motivic exploration, Temporal Analogues is - dare I say it - enough to make the world safe for fusion again." Tony Green, Guitar World

"Shameless chops - grandstanding of the highest order underscored by near-telepathic interplay." Bill Milkowski, Pulse

"Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane, and Apt. Q 258. Together they make music that is headsplittingly magnificent. Not just show-off material, this is music with real power and heart." Mac Randall, Musician Magazine

"Temporal Analogues of Paradise; one of the most riveting improvised jazz-rock albums of the last decade." Jon Newey, Jazzwise Magazine



Temporal Analogues of Paradise is about truth in music. When Shawn and I started playing with Jeff, we were for the first time able to step out of the confinement of set compositions for entire concerts, and improvise in the true sense of the word. When you are immediately heard and responded to by 2 other people, like in a verbal conversation, you have to make a decision if you are going to speak your mind and heart or if you are going to do a preconceived routine. We had many moments of musically being true, honest and present.

The joy of being in the rare moment of time that is now and expressing that without references to other moments, just now, is what happened to us on quite a few occasions during tours in '96.

Paradise must be of no time, we are imprisoned in time. The closest we can get to the real thing would be the temporal analogues of paradise. When we played it we were there, listening to it I hope you can get close.

Jonas Hellborg 


Temporal was the first recording that captured my true guitar sound (dinosaurs slipping and blocks of wire whittled with a feather). The mood of the world was different and yet music (sculpted time) always is there waiting to be manifested.

All that we brought to the table from our highly diverse yet amazingly similar backgrounds, came together because we let the music lead the way. We had trust and faith and... the will... Those nights we had each other (and the voices of our dead comrades in music) going. LET IT GO BRO.

Shawn Lane 


Temporal Analogues of Paradise was a defining moment in my music life. It was like a culmination of years of trying to craft my art. I had been laying the roots with Colonel Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit, and then after that was over, jumping in with Jonas and Shawn made me blossom, and my individual voice came out in the music.

The intent with Jonas, when we first met, was just to create on the spot instantaneous compositions. No rehearsals and no pre-conceived notions at all. We would perform an entire night without any songs, and then at the end of the show finish it up with some signature tunes that we had practiced. The idea was very similar when we embarked on ARU but as time passed by, however, it became more of a rigid thing.

Jeff Sipe   




Jonas Hellborg Bass Guitar
Shawn Lane Guitar
Jeff Sipe Drums


1st Movement 31:53
2nd Movement 27:06


Recorded live while touring in Sweden, France and Germany
Engineer Timmy Fagerlund
Mixed by Scud Noonan
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