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"Vocalist and guitarist Ana Patan has an excellent new album out titled 'Spice, Gold and Tales Untold.'

It’s a live analog recording that captures deep groove interplay from a very serious band. It features stellar bass work from Jonas Hellborg, who contributes to most tracks, as well as Devin Townsend and Jonathan Herrera. Drums are by The Flower Kings’ Zoltan Csörsz.

Of course, all of these musicians are known for their work across the jazz-rock and art-rock spectrums, but on Patan’s album, they’re here exclusively in service to the songs. Her pieces feature intelligent lyrics focused on the current, unfolding human condition, both micro and macro.

Patan’s vocals are deep, soulful and kinetically intertwine with the songs’ very creative arrangements.

It’s superb stuff."

Anil Prasad/Innerviews




Ana Patan is a German musician of Romanian origin. She came to prominence in her former country during the wave of new and creative music that followed the fall of the iron curtain. She has since made her career mainly in Germany with a strong following in USA, Australia and England.


Ana Patan vocals, guitars
Zoltan Csorsz drums
Jonas Hellborg bass 
Devin Townsend bass (3)
Jonathan Herrera bass (5, 8, 9) 
Jamal Evans percussion (2)


1. Undeciphered 03:05
2. General Conspiracy 04:07
3. Trivialize Love 04:43
4. The Human 03:43
5. Pure and Plain 05:24
6. Soarele Meu 03:06
7. 21st Century Citizen 03:00
8. Hot Hot 04:29
9. How Could We Live Before 03:36
10. Colors on Hormones 03:19


All songs by Ana Patan
Recorded at Bardo Music Studios.
Mixed by Scud Noonan.
p+c Ana Patan

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