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The Jazz Raj is a Jonas Hellborg trio recording continuing his collaboration with guitarist Mattias "IA" Eklundh and introducing drummer Ranjit Barot.

The music is seamlessly bonding Western and Indian improvised music while avoiding the stylistic cliches that are so often the pitfalls of this type of music.

The Jazz Raj continues the tradition of the Bass/Drums/Guitar trios that Hellborg has been fronting for more than 2 decades featuring wonderful musicians such as Shawn Lane, Buckethead, Michael Shrieve and Jeff Sipe.

The tracks on the record are 2 half hour extended compostions with sections inter-related thematically using western interpretation of Indian Ragas.

It is a genre defying work, it is Jazz Metal and Indian music but primarily music for the pleasure of listening.


T H E   J A Z Z   R A J

A R T   M E T A L 

Jonas Hellborg - Bass
Mattias IA Eklundh - Guitar
Ranjit Barot - Drums


The Swami on Park Street 33:15
a. First Reflection
b. Reveal or Conceal
c Jam Baba Smokes
d Here and Then
e On Reflection

Bacchic Frenzy 31:31
a. The Preconception
b. Spirit Memory
c. Biased Truth
d. Thing or Thought
e Post Now

Recorded at Nirvana Studio Bombay, Apple Horn Abusement and Bardo Records Studios. Mixed and mastered by Jonas Hellborg, Mattias IA Eklundh and Scud Noonan at Bardo Music. Front & inside cover photo by Pressiana Petia. Artwork by Magnus Bergström, bco.se Lund/Sweden.
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