V Y A K H Y A N - K A R

Art Metal is a confluence of musical rivers. The embryonic Metal-Jazz that Jonas explored with the Johansson Brothers fresh out of Malmsteen’s band in the early 90’s. The constant expanding rhythmic amalgamation stemming from the duo work with Indian percussion genius Selvaganesh. The guitar-bass-drum improv power trio that Hellborg has pursued with constellations like Shawn Lane-Jeff Sipe, McLaughlin-Cobham, Buckethead-Michael Shrieve and in its latest incarnation with guitar phenomenon IA Eklundh and Zoltan Csörsz on drums. And the esthetics of Modern Art Music explored with ex Steve Lacy pianist Michael Smith and groups like Deadline and RAF together with Bill Laswell, Peter Brotzman and others.

This CD subtitled Vyakhyan-kar, north Indian name for a travelling story teller, is a free and open display of symbiotic musical streams that have traveled down mountain ranges in very separate parts of the world but carried the same musical water. When mixed there is no separation it is clear and fresh. Because water is water as music is music. 


A R T   M E T A L

V Y A K H Y A N - K A R

Jonas Hellborg Bass
Jens Johansson Keyboards
Selvaganesh Kanjeera
Mattias IA Eklund Guitar
Anders Johansson Drums


1 Muthucutpor(Hellborg-Selvaganesh-Eklundh)
2 Manirambha(Hellborg-Selvaganesh-Eklundh)
3 Nataraja (Hellborg-Selvaganesh)
4 Solitude (Hellborg-Selvaganesh)
5 The Three Princes of Serendip (Hellborg-Selvaganesh)
6 Round Metal Hat (Hellborg-Selvaganesh-Eklundh)
7 Vyakhyan-kar (Hellborg)
8 Art Metal (Hellborg-Selvaganesh-Eklundh)


All titles published by Bardo Music. Recorded at The Bunker, The Red House and at Aspoe Island. Mixed and mastered by Jonas Hellborg and Jens Johansson at Aspoe Island. Cover design by Magnus Bergström, Bergström & Co. Lund/Sweden. p&c Bardo Records 2007


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